Devil Side

Unable to continue living on the path her father created for her, Gigi Moretti does something she’s never done before.

She takes a risk. 

When musician Maxwell Mitchell waltzes into an old diner in the early morning up to his elbows in secrets, he offers Gigi the perfect escape from the future she’s never wanted.

It takes an over the top demand from her father and a shocking revelation from her fake fiancé to get her to pack her bags and ride shotgun on Max’s spontaneous tour across the country.

With each mile they drive, Max and Gigi grow closer. Over shared hotel rooms and cheesy snacks, feelings erupt and change the status of their relationship. The deeper they fall, the closer Gigi gets to the truth… 

To Max’s devil side… 

The question is: why is Max hiding him from her?




"I am in awe that an author so new and young wrote this novel. It is bold, beautifully written, and the depths of the characters and subject matter are like nothing I have ever read."

—All Encompassing Books


"Devil Side is one of those rare books that affect me so deeply that I have to stop and reflect before writing a review. It is strong, pure, and full of hope."

—Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews