Gideon Stryker hates high school. Filled with students who walk the halls just to make him miserable, his plan for senior year is simple: lay low, graduate, and get out.

Elliott Oakley isn't looking for friends, a relationship, or anything in between when he moves from Iowa to North Carolina. After a painful summer, he just wants to take it easy.

Side by side in Chemistry class, Gideon and Elliott bond over a mutual hatred for bullies and a shared love of trophies. Their easy friendship soon evolves into something more.

Together, high school is manageable and life is bearable.

That is... until Elliott's past makes the journey from Iowa all the way to North Carolina, creating more chaos than they ever thought possible.




"Themes of insecurity, jealousy, and loyalty stand center stage in this uneven dramatic romance. A tale about vulnerable LGBTQ teens willing to stand up and sacrifice for each other will gratify many readers."

-Publisher's Weekly (BookLife) 


"This book is a reflection of today's reality of gay teens and the obstacles they face with both family and friends. It is about fighting for what you truly want, overcoming tragedy, and recognizing that your "family" isn't always formed by blood."

-All Encompassing Books


"Dailey has a good grasp of what teenage kids go through and managed to create a story that touches several difficult topics in a sensitive manner."

-Bayou Book Junkie